Next Generation Pressure Sensor


Lithoglas® Silicon-to-Silicon Bond

  • Bulk glass is replaced by glass coated silicon
  • Lower signal drift through matching CTE and Young’s modulus
  • Si offers smaller tolerances and less noise
  • Smaller and more precise structures (holes) in silicon
  • Higher flexural strength
  • Thinner device, smaller footprint
  • Robust anodic bond instead of direct Si-Si fusion
  • Lower bond voltages (< 100 V) compared to bulk glass bonding

Wafer MaterialSilicon with Thin Glass Coating
Glass Film Thickness3 – 5 µm (on silicon dioxide layer)
Wafer Size (Diameter)Semi Std. 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
Wafer Thickness≥ 200 µm, ≤ 3000 µm
Through Hole Diameter≥ 200 µm (upon request)
Side Wall Angle of Hole90°
Through Hole Pitch≥ 500 µm
Through Hole Shapecircular


Typ. Applicationsabsolute or differential pressure sensor

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