Glass Deposition

Lithoglas unique hermetic glass thin films

The fundamental aspect of the technology is the deposition of a structured borosilicate glass layers at low temperatures employing photolithographic lift-off-processing.

Passivation Example

Borosilicate glass is an excellent moisture barrier material with very low moisture uptake. It is a hard, temperature-stable and exhibits excellent transparency in the visible spectrum, making it the material of choice for long-term reliable encapsulation or sealing of devices and surface materials.

The deposition is a low-temperature process and fully CMOS-compatible.

Due to their optical characteristics, the glass films are especially suitable for opto-electronic applications as e.g. imagers and detectors as well as light sources like semiconductor lasers or LEDs.

By applying borosilicate glass layers chip surfaces can be hermetically sealed on wafer-level. This allows for cost-optimized packaging solutions as the complexity to yield hermetic packages may be reduced.

In MEMS the borosilicate glass thin films can be employed to enable the anodic bonding of substrates, e.g. silicon to silicon or other material combinations.

The Lithoglas glass deposition process is available as contract service.