Maximizing UV Light Extraction Efficiency

Lithoglas® Windows for DUV applications increase light output, have excellent thermal behavior and allow for hermetic, SMD-type packages of UV LEDs or LED arrays

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Small & Hermetic: Windows and Mirrors for SMD Packaging

Lithoglas® Windows or Mirrors with integrated 45° mirror redirecting side-emitted light towards the top of the package with excellent thermal behaviour – available also in array format

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High Quality Opto-Sensors

Lithoglas® Sealing of opto sensors with excellent optical performance at highest reliability


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High Reliability Image Sensor Package

Cavity Windows for Wafer-Level- or COB-Packaging with excellent reliability – fit for large size image sensors

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Application Features

Anodic Bonding

wafer bondingLithoglas® uses state of the art equipment in making its capping solutions. Our bonding capabilities include aligned and non-aligned bonding employing anodic, direct and glue bond processing. Read more

Product Features

UVC-LED Modules

Lithoglas® UVC-LED Modules are available in the wavelengths 265-280nm with Far-UVC under development. We offer high power modules up to 2W light output power in our unique reflector packaging technology.  Read more


Innovation Award Winner:

Saxon Innovation Conference 2023 – Dresden, Germany July 4th, 2023.

We are pleased to announce that Lithoglas has been awarded the prestigious 3rd place and received a state award at the Saxon Innovation Conference 2023. Read more