Maximizing UV-C Light Extraction Efficiency

Lithoglas® Caps for DUV applications increase light output, have excellent thermal behavior and allow for hermetic, SMD-type packages of UV-C LEDs or LED arrays.

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Small & Hermetic: Laser Diode Caps for SMD Packaging

Lithoglas® Caps with integrated 45° mirror redirecting side-emitted light towards the top of the package with excellent thermal behaviour – available also in array format

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High Quality Opto- and Fingerprint Sensors

Lithoglas® Hermetic Thin-Glass Sealing for thinnest, hermetic protection of semiconductor surfaces with excellent optiacl performance at highest reliability

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High Reliability Image Sensor Package

Lithoglas® Cavity Windows for Wafer-Level- or COB-Packaging with excellent reliability
– fit for large size image sensors

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High Accuracy Full Silicon Pressure Sensors

Silicon-to-Silicon anodic bonding enabled by Lithoglas® glass film deposition with excellent bond strength yielding highest signal quality

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Application Features

Anodic Bonding


Lithoglas® uses state of the art equipment in making its capping solutions. Our bonding capabilities include aligned and non-aligned bonding employing anodic, direct and glue bond processing. Read more

Product Features

Laser Diode Packaging

Lithoglas® micro-structured reflector caps are used for redirecting the light of a side-emitting laser diode towards the top to allow for smallest possible SMD packaging of single laser diodes or arrays. The reflector material exhibits excellent thermal properties to allow for high power applications. Read more