Maximizing UV-C Light Extraction Efficiency


Lithoglas® DUV-Caps

  • High light output:
    • High transparency for UV-C (fused silica)
    • Al-coated reflector (55°)
    • Anti-reflective coatings on lid
  • Hermetic, anorganic materials,
  • Bondable to substrate by metallization (Standard: Ni/Au)
  • Heat transfer from lid to substrate through silicon sidewall
  • Small outline, typical dimensions 3.4 mm x 3.4 mm x 1.2 mm
  • Cap arrays with multiple reflectors for compact high power output

Lid MaterialFused Silica / optical topside coating
Lid Thickness≥ 200 µm, ≤ 1100 µm
Dam MaterialSilicon with Aluminum Overcoat
Dam / Cavity Height≥ 300 µm, ≤ 700 µm
Min. Dam Width (top)≥ 300 µm
Side Wall Angle of Dam~ 55°
Lateral Cavity Size≥ 500 µm
Cavity Shapesquare / rectangular
Window Outside Dim.≥ 2000 µm (Std. 3.4mm x 3.4mm)

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