Glass Cavity Windows for Opto-Packaging

glass cavity windows

Lithoglas® Glass Cavity Windows

  • Enabling hermetic COB packages
  • Suitable for ultraviolet, visible and nea-infrared application
  • Excellent flatness, high performance optical coatings
  • Customized sizes and materials
  • High volume scalability by wafer-level production

Window MaterialBorosilicate Glass, Fused Silica, Silicon, others
Window Thickness≥ 0.3 mm, ≤ 1.1 mm
Cavity Height≥ 0.3 mm, ≤ 0.7 mm
Window Shapesquare / rectangular
Lateral Dimensions≥ 1.0 mm, ≤ 25.0 mm
Optical Coatings (optional)Anti-Reflective-, Band-Pass-, Cut-Off-Filters for UV to IR
Metallization (optional)solderable metallization, standard: CrNiAu

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