Small & Hermetic: Laser Diode Caps


Lithoglas® Laser Diode Caps

  • Miniaturization by small outline SMD package
  • Integrated 45° reflector (redirecting light to the top)
  • Reflector with Al- or dielectric coating – up to 99% reflectivity
  • Glass lid with antireflective coatings
  • Bondable to substrate by metallization (Standard: Ni/Au)
  • SMD / Hermetic / Die-, Array- or Wafer-Level Packaging

Lid MaterialGlass with anti-reflective coating
Lid Thickness≥ 0.3 mm, ≤ 1.1 mm
Dam MaterialSilicon with reflector coating
Dam / Cavity Height≥ 0.3 mm, ≤ 0.7 mm
Min. Dam Width (top)≥ 0.2 mm
Side Wall Angle of Damone side 45°, or all sides approx. 55°
Chip Area≥ 0.5 mm
Cap Shapesquare / rectangular
Cap Outside Dim.≥ 2.0 mm

For additional information or differing specifications please contact us.

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