Technology Services

Lithoglas’ technology portfolio – focus on hermetic encapsulations

Based on the unique low temperature deposition process for hermetic borosilicate glass thin films, Lithoglas offers a set of technologies fit for hermetic encapsulation of electronic components like opto-sensors, MEMS and others.

Lithoglas unique hermetic glass thin films

The fundamental aspect of the technology is the deposition of a structured borosilicate glass layers at low temperatures employing photolithographic lift-off-processing. Read more

Lithoglas permanent bonding techniques

Lithoglas uses state of the art equipment in making its capping solutions. Our bonding capabilities include aligned and non-aligned bonding employing anodic, direct and glue bond processing. Read more

Wet Chemical Structuring – formation of spacer and cavity substrates

Lithoglas employs mainly wet chemical structuring processes for defining spacer and cavity structures of very high precision as used in making micro caps for optoelectronics, fluidic structures of MEMS packaging substrates. Read more